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Stag Beetle Larva (or grub)

The stag beetle larva is cream with smooth skin ,a distinct orange head, orange legs and small brown antlers. It lives in rotten wood, upon which it feeds. It takes up to 6 years to reach full size (approx. 8 cm)


(Dan Hackett)

The cream coloured pupa develops when the larva leaves the wood and makes a cocoon in the soil. Pupation occurs in late summer and lasts a few weeks. The now fully grown beetle remains in the cocoon until the following summer when it emerges, from a hole in the soil, as an adult.

Male stag beetle

(Lynne and Richard Fletcher)

The fully grown male stag beetle flies at dusk to find a mate . It is up to 9cm long including antlers. It does not need to feed, but it may feed on sap runs from trees. After mating the stag beetle dies.

A female stag beetle

The female stag beetle is smaller than the male (approx. 6cm)and is often seen on the ground looking for somewhere to lay her eggs.She lays in or near rotten wood then dies shortly after.