Stag Beetle Helpline -Links

The PTES ran National Surveys on stag beetles in 1998. Summaries of the results and a leaflet on Stag Beetle Friendly Gardening produced by the PTES may obtained by emailing .For further information on the work of the PTES visit their website at

An excellent web site for lots of information, pictures and links is provided by Maria Fremlin at A must for anybody with any interest in stag beetles.

Marcos Mendez has a working group on Iberian Lucanidae.-A Spanish amateur project about the distribution, ecology and conservation of the Stag Beetle and other Iberian Lucanidae. Information about distribution, biology and conservation of Lucanidae in the Iberian Peninsula and Europe with an English translation. Please visit his site on

I believe that the key to conservation is education, so if you have any questions I will be happy to try and help as best I can. E-mail