Lavae Guide

Lavae Picture Adult Picture Info
Stag Beetle- the larvae are up to 8 cm long, cream in colour with orange legs and their antlers are brown. There is a dark patch near tail end. Nearly always found UNDER ground associated with rotting wood although may be found in compost heaps. When placed on a surface will move into a C shape.
Lesser Stag- the larvae are very similar, especially to young stag beetle larvae. They have orange head and legs. Their antlers are brown. Always to be found in rotting wood ABOVE ground and usually in larger numbers.
No Picture Cock Chafer- the larvae are much punier in appearance, with longer paler legs move like they are running with lower legs in a sack if put on a flat surface. Found associated with grass roots etc therefore often dug up from the middle of lawns
Rose chafers are much rounder, with a smaller head and orange legs. They are much hairier. When put on a flat surface they move on their backs. Associated with compost heaps.

Adult Lesser Stag Picture (C) RS Key.