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Stag beetles
are Britain's largest beetle. The species we have in this country is Lucanus cervus. The males are easily recognisable by their 'antlers' - these are in fact enlarged mandibles. The females do not have the enlarged mandibles and are slightly smaller.

Stag beetles show a wide variation in size. Males can be from approx. 3.5 to 7.5cm in length. The females show similar variation, but are generally smaller (they can be as small as 2.3cm). However, the stag beetle is the adult form of the species and cannot grow - smaller beetles are not younger than the bigger ones and are not capable of growing any bigger. We don't know why there is such a large variation in size and this is one of the areas my research hopes to address. binary options day trading

The adult beetles are only a very small part of an extremely long life cycle, surviving only months at best. Their sole purpose is to mate and lay eggs. They appear in early summer, and are most often seen flying on balmy summer evenings. Beetles don't seem to need to feed.

The larva can take up to six years to develop before they pupate and change into adult beetles. They live below ground in rotting wood, upon which they feed. Pupation is very short, and the beetle emerges in late autumn but remains underground until the following summer.

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Stag Beetle Info

Common Name
Stag Beetle
Latin Name
Lucanus cervus