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The stag beetle (Lucanus cervus), is Britain's largest beetle. It is found mainly in the South of England, with three main populations being centred around Ipswich, the New Forest and the London area. At this time the numbers appear to be declining, and the stag beetle is now a protected species.

In the course of my research, I hope to find a successful monitoring system and to find out the many things currently unknown about this beautiful creature.

What if I find a DEAD stag beetle?
If you find a dead stag beetle, then it is very important to my research. We can discover a lot from the corpses. If they are too old and decomposed I will be unable to gather all possible information from them. So please send them to me ASAP. For more help E-mail

What if I find a LIVE stag beetle?
If you find a live stag beetle please carefully measure it, then fill in the stag beetle monitor form here. Then put it back in the exact place you found it! The only time you should ever move a stag beetle is for its own safety.

The safest way for you and the
stag beetle is to gently pick it up around the abdomen. For more help E-mail

I need to move some larvae what should I do?
Please email me for advice.